Georgia Girl Strictly Southern

southern scene with dogwood tree and fence

"Southerners speak music..."Mark Twain

How to Speak Southern
Words and pronunciations

South Georgia Dictionary
Just for laughs

Microsoft in South Georgia
If Microsoft was located in South Georgia...

On Moving to the South
If you are from the northern states and planning
on visiting or moving to the South

Living in Atlanta
Something like 55 streets in Atlanta have the word
"Peachtree" in their names. How did this mania begin?

Things a True Southerner Knows
"Not all southern belles sit under patio umbrellas
with mint juleps in the shade either!"

What Is A Grit?
Many people feel that grits are made from ground up
bits of white corn. This is obviously a lie.

Gardening Tips from Down South
How to Grow Kudzu (Humor)

Funny Southern Sayings
"As scarce as hen's teeth."

Southern Cooking

recipesMore Southern Recipes

corn bread
Goodness Gracious, It's Good!

green tomatoes

Fried Green Tomatoes
A Southern tradition


Grits Recipes from the Grits Kitchen
The Deep South delicacy

Southern Pecan Pie

pecan pie

More Southern

Dumb Georgia Laws - Dumb Georgia laws and humor, relating to many aspects of the state, its weather, and its people.
The Amazing Story of Kudzu - Love It, Or Hate It... It Grows On You!
The Story Of Coca-Cola - The product that gave the world its best-known taste.
The Coca-Cola Company - The Chronicle of Coca-Cola, Coke Lore, Coca-Cola stories, Recipes, Test Your Coke IQ, etc.
The Rebel-Yankee Test - How much of a Rebel/Yankee are you? Take this quiz and it will tell you.

Famous Georgians

Alton Brown
James Brown
Erskine Caldwell
Ray Charles
Ty Cobb
Paula Deen
Bill Elliott
Jeff Foxworthy
Nancy Grace
Amy Grant
Lewis Grizzard
Alan Jackson
Gladys Knight
Juliette Gordon Low
Margaret Mitchell
Ty Pennington
Otis Redding
Burt Reynolds
Little Richard
Julia Roberts
Ray Stevens
Travis Tritt
Joanne Woodward
Trisha Yearwood

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