Lipstick Personality Quiz

Cynthia Christ, convinced she can tell a lot about her clients just by looking in their makeup drawers, ask them to bring in their makeup when they come to her Sensia Studio.

"You'd be surprised," said Christ, "You can tell a lot about how they get their makeup---if they buy impulsively or carefully and if they use only giveaways and free deals.  You can also tell about a woman by looking at her makeup."

After reading an article in Modern Salon magazine, Christ noticed she could often chart her client's personalities by the shapes of their used lipsticks.  She embroidered on the concept and came up with her own Lipstick/Personality Chart.

Check the shape of your used lipsticks--chances are they will all have the same shape--and see if you fit one of the profiles. Click on the picture below most resembling the shape of your used lipsticks.

Lipstick - original tip
Slant close
to original
tip shape
Lipstick - rounded tip to a point
Rounded tip
to a point
Lipstick - rounded, smooth tip
smooth tip
Lipstick - flat top
Flat top
Lipstick - sharp angled tip
angled tip
Lipstick - flat top concave
Flat top
Lipstick - sharp angled but curved tip
Sharp angled
but curved tip
Lipstick - sharp angled both sides
Sharp angled
both sides

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