Are You In Love?

Millions of teenagers ask the question: "How will I know I'm in love?" As Dr. David R. Mace, executive director of the American Association of Marriage Counselors, put it: "It's always difficult to know for sure - especially when you're young."

This quiz was prepared after extensive consultations with experts who have made wide-scale studies of this wonderful yet mysterious emotion. It should help a young person make that all-important decision: "Is it love- or something else?"

Answer the following questions with Yes or No. Choose Yes only if you have quite definite feelings about your answer. If there's some doubt in your mind, check No.

Yes No
1. Did this thing happen all of a sudden?

2. Would you be very jealous and upset if someone else made a serious play for him or her?

3. When you aren't together, do you find yourself mooning around, unable to do much except sigh over your beau or belle?

4. Are you more in love when you are together than when you are by yourself?

5. Do you honestly feel that the boy or girl is just about the Most Perfect Person in the world?

6. Are you, on the whole, pretty unhappy at home with your parents?

7. Do you know how your heart-throb feels about money and children?

8. Do you find that, when it comes to this particular boy or girl, you are always anxious to appear at your best - that you are conscience about what you say and how you look and act?

9. Most people agree that there cannot be real love unless two persons share common interest. But how about common miseries? Do both of you have a substantial number of complaints in common about homes, parents, school and other things in your life?

10. Suppose your beloved has gone on an extended trip and written you beautiful and affectionate letters. Would you show these around in your group?

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